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Getting Started with Let's Get Online Ordering

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Training Videos

Getting Started: 1 - Account Page

Getting Started: 2 - Locations & Menus Page 

Getting Started: 3 - Menus 

Getting Started: 4 - Users & Passwords 

Getting Started: 5 - Out of Stock Page

Getting Started: 6 - Closings Page

Getting Started: 7 - Delivery Areas

Getting Started: 8 - Orders Page


Training Guides

Website Integration Guide

Online Ordering Launch Guide 

ROI of Online Ordering 

Online Ordering Within Facebook 

Online Ordering Engine User Guide

Making the Most of your Online Ordering


Quick Tips

How to Submit a Support Ticket

Register with Facebook 

ROI of Online Ordering 


Online Ordering Settings:

How To Change Emails for Orders and Offline Notice 

Activating and Deactivating Your Online Ordering

How to Create a Delivery Area Using Google Maps 

NEW How to Add a Delivery Area

NEW How to Add a Deliver Area in Firefly/Thr!ve

NEW How to Update and Existing Delivery Area 

NEW How to Add a Launch Page Image

NEW How to Create a Delivery Area using Google Maps

How To Change Hours of Operation

How to Change Your Sales Tax in LetsGet

How To Close Online Ordering on Specific Days

How to Extend Lead Times

How to Generate POS Mappings Reports

Holiday Hours 

How to Issue A Refund

How To Set Up Delivery Hours


Improving Your Menu:

How to Add a Modifier 

How to Add Copy and Selected Option Sets

How to Add Menu Item Pictures

How to Add "Included" or Standard Items

How to Add a Percent or Dollar Off Coupon

How to Edit a Menu Item Selection Description

How to Edit a Menu Section Description

How to Hide a Menu Item

How to Hide a Menu Section

Adding Images To Your Menu

How to Add a True Item Upsell

How to Add a Final Item Upsell 

How to Rearrange Your Menu

How to Show or Hide Prices on Your Online Menu

Adding New Items to your Jet's Online Menu

How To Add Calorie Counts To Your Menu


Managing Users:

How To Add A New User

How To Edit A User


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