Want to Be a Gran-berry?

We have our own band. (No, really. You haven't heard of The Granberries?)

We're Granbury Solutions.  We make software for malls, wineries, coffee shops, and yes, pizza shops.  Our Thrive and Firefly POS systems are used by thousands of independent pizza restaurants all over the world to satisfy the needs of families, college kids, and drunkards everywhere.

You love pizza, coffee, wine, and/or shopping and yearn to know everything about it. How it's priced, how it's ordered, and how that touch screen thingy the cashier is looking at works. You're in luck. We make those touch screen thingies and the next generation of hospitality and retail technologies.

Some of us work from home and in different parts of the country, but we get together for virtual high fives and planning sessions. We go to lots of trade shows every year...sometimes we just send the equipment, but occasionally we also send ourselves. We know where to get the best lunches around the office. There’s even a french bistro with amazing pastries. They’re delicious..

Granbury Solutions offers a fast-paced growth-oriented work environment. 

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Enjoy these Benefits while working at Granbury:

  • Medical, Dental & Vision
  • FSA
  • Life insurance
  • Voluntary life
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Paid Holidays
  • 401k Plan
  • Holiday Parties
  • Offices in Irving, TX – Miami, FL, - Napa, CA
  • Remote Employment Opportunities


We Are Now Hiring For the Following Positions

POS Production Technician

Senior Professional Services Manager